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postcard collages.

by Bob Osborne on Sunday 19 February 2012 in

Like stamps or coins, postcards became collectable objects replete with nostalgia, their current-day obsolescence
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torn paper collages

by Bob on Tuesday 07 June 2011 in None

Torn paper collage is a process of addition and accretion.
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spray can paintings

by Peter Davies on Sunday 05 September 2010 in

Meeting the london based Abstract painter Denis Bowen in 2000 was a revelation for Osborne
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sackcloth collages

by Bob Osborne on Friday 13 August 2010 in

The common material of sackcloth has found its way into modern art
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foreword by Sylvette David

by Bob Osborne on Friday 13 August 2010 in

The French artists Sylvette David, aka Lydia Corbett, was Picasso's model in the 1950's and has written a foreword to Constructions, the book about the driftwood work and collages of found objects by Bob Osborne.
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