foreword by Sylvette David


I have always loved driftwood and looking at found objects in nature. Natural creation of such beauty seen in soft bits of wood: having floated on the sea for months or years, and suddenly found on a beach, they become eternal and lovable. The pebbles and the seashells shining on wet sand are irresistible and are art works in themselves.

In my youth Picasso inspired me so much, seeing him creating things from found objects, and having such fun constructing works of art. Making a pyramid out of Gitanes cigarette packets, to see how much he smoked! He would be amused at his installation. Also he made a sculpture of me, using objects from a potter’s kiln. He called it The Lady with the Key. That all happened in 1954 in Vallauris in the South of France.

So Bob Osborne has the artistic eye for making beautiful art out of found objects, which are his own ideas and which people love-like a poem for the eye and the imagination-containing memories and reveries of past and present, ever changing like the sea.



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